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The Rules

Hello there, and welcome to the Lord of the Rings Fan Club on dA. This club has been running for four years and counting, and is my biggest deviantArt accomplishment to date. I never dreamed when I started this club as a dA page in High School that we would have over 100 members, let alone more than 2,200, so a big thank you to our members and contributors for making that happen. I'd like to get you all started with a set of rules to follow, when being an active member of the club and submitting work.

:bulletyellow: Anyone and Everyone who is a fan of Tolkien's Middle-Earth related work is welcome to join. The only pre-requisite is that you are a fan.
:bulletorange: To join, simply hit the "join" button. Can't find it? Send a note to the founder/Co-founders to receive an invite.
:bulletblack: All of our members are kind, polite people. I would ask that you treat fellow members and contributors with respect. Please do not leave any rude or spiteful comments on the club page, in the club gallery, or on any member's deviations. This will not be tolerated. We'd like it if you didn't leave any such comments ANYWHERE on dA, but that's not our choice. Nevertheless, it won't be tolerated here.

:bulletwhite: The first violation of this rule will be a verbal warning.
:bulletwhite: The second violation of this rule will be suspension from club activity for three weeks, and automatic disqualification from our next contest.
:bulletwhite: The third violation of this rule will be removal from the club. You will not be allowed to re-join.

:bulletyellow: The club moderators reserve the right to decline any request to join, or to remove any member of the club for rude behavior. We will not accept rude, demanding request to join, and we will not tolerate the mistreatment of other members.
:bulletorange: Any persistence of bad behavior and rude, offensive commenting on the page or on deviations will result in the offender being reported directly to deviantART for misconduct.
:bulletblack: Anyone who responds to rude behavior with rude behavior of their own will be punished as well. Do not respond to rude behavior, please. Report it to a group moderator, and to a member f the dA staff.


:bulletyellow: The work in question MUST be your own. We will not accept art that has been done by someone other than you. Whether you claim it as your own (in which case it is stolen), whether you acknowledge the actual artist or publish a link to the original artwork, does NOT matter. We only accept art that is done by you. You acknowledge that, when submitting, the work you are submitting was drawn, painted, written, made, photographed, etc. by you. We also do NOT accept Doll Generators. If it is discovered that the work is stolen, you will only get one warning before you are removed.
:bulletwhite: The first violation of this rule will result in suspension of group activities, such as submitting art and writing for three weeks, as well as disqualification from our next contest.
:bulletwhite: The second violation of this rule will result in removal from the group. You will not be allowed to rejoin.

:bulletorange: You will only be allowed to submit a maximum of three deviations per day. This will ensure that our members are not overwhelmed with notifications, and that there's something new to see every day.
:bulletblack: We DO allow crossover pictures, however, Tolkien's characters MUST be the main focus. Examples of things we will NOT accept:
-The Golden Trio from Harry Potter hanging out with Frodo (one Tolkien character vs. three from another work)
-A 30 character piece of art, with characters from 15 other works, featuring only Merry and Pippin. (two Tolkien characters vs. 28 characters from other series)
-A character from a different series dressed as a LotR/Hobbit/Silmarillion character.
-"Modernized" versions of Tolkien characters (the only exception will be if we are able to CLEARLY tell which character/characters they're supposed to be without aid from description or title.)

:bulletyellow: We also do not allow submitted pictures/screencaptures of the characters or actors that you've found on Google, MSN, Tumblr, etc. We do NOT accept Doll Generators.
:bulletorange: We do not accept work done of actors from the series. While they have played these characters, the work is not of the character itself, and we will not accept it.
:bulletblack: We DO accept memes and photo-manipulations. HOWEVER, we will not accept poorly done/rushed work. We're not going to accept something with MS Paint text slapped onto it, or a photo-manipulation that looks like it took five minutes. This rule applies to writing as well.
:bulletyellow: All submissions MUST be appropriate to post on deviantART, and additionally we ask that they be kept PG-13, keeping in mind that we do have some younger members.

This group DOES allow the submission of works involving Original Characters, or OCs, but only under these conditions:

:bulletorange:- Your character must be strictly a Tolkien based character. Unfortunately, we do not allow crossover characters, or one single character that you use as an OC for all of your fandoms. The reasoning for this is to prevent confusion.
:bulletblack: Please try to keep your character believable to the Tolkien universe. No time travelers, girls who got sucked into the book, etc. please.
:bulletyellow: Your character must be depicted as believable to the Tolkien universe. We will not accept a picture of a girl with long blonde hair and pointed ears in blue jeans and a tee shirt. Please depict your character in traditional Tolkien costuming. Don't worry about skill level, here. We don't judge based upon your drawing skills, as long as we can tell you put effort into it, which the vast majority do.

If you have any questions or are unsure when submitting a deviation, please contact Schreibertooth


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Newest Members


Here's the reply to my inquiry. Perhaps it will explain. Even if it doesn't, I don't intend to pursue the issue. I'm kinda tired of hunting for answers. If any group members have a problem with their work being removed from our gallery with no explanation, feel free to let me know, and we'll take it from there. The only reason I will ever remove work from a gallery without explanation, is if it is in storage or if the deviant has deactivated their account:

Chris (DeviantArt)

Oct 5, 7:07 AM

By galleries I mean, the gallery folders in your group gallery tab. Now which gallery category they are in on the site itself. :)

Also, are the messages you are seeing from earlier last week? A change was apparently implemented that should have stopped new notifications appearing for deactivated users. These are most likely the pages that return an "oops" page when you try to visit them. If you can provide a link to one of these pages I'd be happy to confirm. If these notifications are old (prior to Wednesday, Oct. 30) then you can deleted them. If, however, you have new deviations leading to Opps pages since then please let me know. Any links and screenshots you can provide would be helpful as well.

Chris Carey
Customer Service Representative
Community Operations


We, and I mean several groups and members,  are experiencing a strange occurrence that I hope is not Halloween related. It seems that deviations are being removed once they have been accepted and added to the groups' galleries.

I have contacted the DA Help Desk, with little success at getting a reasonable explanation. I don't think DA believes me, or is not taking the issue seriously. I take it very seriously if artwork is being ripped from our galleries with no way to track them down. You see, no name is given to indicate who removed the work.

I have managed to track down a couple of artists, who say they are not removing their artwork themselves. And, they say it's happened in other groups. Just so you understand, deviations are NOT being declined because they are unacceptable to the group, but they are disappearing from the galleries.

If any of the members of this group is having their work kicked out of our gallery, please let us know so that we can contact the DA Help Desk. They're probably gone for the weekend now, so it will be next week before they do anything. If you have problems in the meantime, please be patient and understand that we know there is a problem.

You can NOTE me, :iconmelalina:, NOTE the group or just leave a comment below.

Thank you,
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Carancerth Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2015  Professional General Artist
Group still alive ?
Melalina Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2015  Professional General Artist
Of course we're still alive. What would make you think otherwise?
Carancerth Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2015  Professional General Artist
I just wonder , lately so much group died.. =s
Glad to know you're still alive =D There is so few groups related to middle earth =)
Melalina Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2015  Professional General Artist
Many of these groups are set up by school students. When school opens, the Founders become swamped with school work. Even the Co-Founders and Contributors go missing. Of course, there are those who create groups, then realize too late, how much work is involved in running them. They get in over their heads and take off.

What I hate are the ones who create groups, get overwhelmed, then take off leaving settings that make it impossible for other admins to take up the slack. I don't mind taking over a group and doing the work, but my hands have been tied many times as a Co-Founder because I can't change the settings. Only the Founder can do that.

As for me, if I can keep myself healthy, and my computer doesn't quit on me, I'll be here. If I have to leave for some reason, I let everyone know before hand. I NEVER "log off" DA. The computer stays on all day, whether I'm actually looking at DA or not. As long as I'm alive and well, I WILL NOT ABANDON MY POST! However, members in THIS group might have to wait a little longer sometimes when a submission is questionable. In a case like that, I leave the final decision to the Founder.
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